Driven Shooting at Broomhall House

The Sport of Kings – Driven Shooting at Broomhall House and Estate

If you’re looking for an unrivalled opportunity to experience the best in Scottish Lowland driven shooting, wrapped in a piece of sensational Scottish history, then the elegant haven of Broomhall House and Estate, situated on the north shore of the Firth of Forth, has it all.

Driven Shooting at Broomhall House

With extensive quarrying for limestone in the 18th and 19th centuries a series of challenging drives have been naturally created for your 200 bird day. Then indulge in a sophisticated luncheon where kings, queens and heads of state have been royally entertained for centuries and you’ll come away with a truly authentic and unforgettable experience in a discreet and exclusive setting.

The principal seat of the Earls of Elgin and Kincardine, Broomhall House and its surrounding estate has been looked after by 13 successive generations of the Bruce family, lineal descendants of King Robert the Bruce. With several members of the British Royal Family enjoying visits to Broomhall over the past 150 years, it’s no wonder that, with an emphasis on well-presented driven shooting, some have extended their stay to shoot on this traditional Lowland estate.

Driven Shooting at Broomhall House

The 2,500 acre estate is a distinctive landscape of wooded ridges and gently rolling farmland. Over 70 woodlands have been established here since the 1750s and provide well-stocked coverts for holding game.

You and your guests will be transported to all the drives by the shoot bus and given the opportunity to shoot driven pheasant, partridge, woodcock and occasionally wild duck.

In addition, overnight accommodation for shooting parties may be arranged with our recommended accommodation suppliers and a private reception and dinner in the evening can be custom-designed to finish off your Broomhall House Shooting experience.