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Polar Academy award ceremony at Broomhall House

Broomhall House was honoured to have recently hosted Polar Academy’s special awards ceremony where Craig Mathieson, Scotland’s greatest living Polar explorer, presented young Arctic explorers from Fife with the prestigious medal.

Polar Academy founder Craig Mathieson said:

“These pupils have achieved the extraordinary by pushing themselves physically and mentally to the limit. Their rekindled sense of self-confidence is evident to all. They are more than ready to inspire others struggling with self-confidence and esteem to take that first vital step to change their lives for the better. Each is deserving of a rare and coveted Polar Academy Medal.”

Lord Bruce said:

“The Bruce Family is delighted to be involved with a truly worthwhile cause such as The Polar Academy. It was a great  pleasure to welcome the Lochgelly team on their safe return to Scotland and to host the awards ceremony at Broomhall House.  Several members of my family have gone to the ends of the Earth in a similar spirit of adventure: James Bruce of Kinnaird discovered the source of the Blue Nile in 1770; William Speirs Bruce led the Scottish Antarctic Expedition (1902-04); and John Geoffrey Bruce set a mountaineering record in 1922, climbing Mount Everest to reach 27,300 feet without oxygen.

“In the Year of Young People 2018, we are delighted to support this adventurous group of Fife students, who are learning valuable leadership and life skills. I am sure they have benefited enormously from their experiences with the Academy and we are very happy to work with such an inspiring organisation.”