Herald Fashion Shoot at Broomhall House

Broomhall House and a very fashionable encounter in 2017

Since it opened in May 2017 for events and exclusive use, Broomhall House has become a byword for gracious sophistication and refinement as a location for fashion photography. Taking full advantage of the spacious interiors and natural lighting – the antique fabrics and faded colours – the highly acclaimed Eva Arrighi, fashion editor for the Herald and Times Group, has published a series of features during the spring and winter months. Models clad in silk toile have reclined among eighteenth century books in the library or dressed in satin and furs have clambered into the front seat of a 1929 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost coupe.

Remarking on the experience of using Broomhall House as a location, Eva Arrighi said: “In the end we shot four entirely different editorials…and still feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of this very special house, such are its rich and varied possibilities. Broomhall House is by a country mile the favourite location that we’ve shot Herald fashion editorials in this year, and will take some beating for its ambience, sense of history and the warm welcome of the Bruce family.”

Fashion shoot for Herald Scotland at Broomhall House, in the bedroom where Edward VIII slept during the Abdication Crisis.

The Bruce Family is delighted to offer its ancestral home as a major asset to the fashion scene in Scotland. The Scottish fashion industry now has a location for photography or live events which can only enhance the collections of our aspiring designers. The possible uses of Broomhall House and its grounds for fashion shoots or shows are endless, exciting and quite frankly irresistible. The house style is totally authentic and timelessly elegant. There’s a library with over 4,000 books and a piano played by Chopin, a picture gallery hung with Italian and French old master paintings, a private museum laid out as a cabinet of curiosities, and a dining room full of sixteenth century Dutch furniture and portraits. Indeed the house is a nexus of global history with fabrics and objects drawn from all over the world.  And it is a repository of truly memorable events, hosting visits of kings, queens and heads of state for over 150 years.

Herald Fashion Shoot at Broomhall House

Fashion shoot for Herald Scotland at Broomhall House, overseen by a marble portrait head of Queen Victoria sculpted by her daughter Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll.