man unveils boulder monument at cemetry

Broomhall House Newsletter November 2023

Our latest newsletter features details of the unveiling of the Bruce Boulder at Faughart in County Louth to commemaorate the 705th anniversary of the death in battle of Edward Bruce, Earl of Carrick, the last High King of Ireland. You will also find out about our most successful Scottish Torque Show to date and the annual Scots Guards Association gathering …

Broomhall House, lit as it hosts a VIP reception and dinner ahead of COP26

By leaves we live. Broomhall House under the canopy of Kings and Queens.

The Bruce family were honoured to be asked to host a private reception and dinner at Broomhall on the eve of COP 26 for His Excellency, Mr Pham Minh Chinh, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and his delegation of 16 ministers.  The evening ended with the ceremonial handover of a Liquidambar Styraciflua tree which will be …

Lord Bruce’s Address to the Haggis

Celebrating the birthday of Scotland’s acclaimed national poet, Robert Burns, Lord Bruce performed the time honoured Address to the Haggis, virtually, by video link for an audience of Canadian international travel buyers. Watch the Address to the Haggis, delivered by him, here.

Broomhall House hosts Robert Graham brand event

Broomhall House hosts first ever New World Cigar and Scotch Whisky fusion festival Broomhall House provided a memorable celebration for Robert Graham Ltd, founded in 1874, one of the UK’s oldest whisky and tobacco merchants. Taking the form of a New World cigar and Scotch whisky fusion festival, the 145th anniversary event was attended by 140 guests from around the …

classic cars and spitfire in front of country estate

Broomhall House host major supercar event for RAF Benevolent Fund

In September (2018) Broomhall House hosted an RAF Benevolent Fund charity event, organised by Mark Ryan of Driving Scotland, as nearly 100 supercars arrived at the Estate, having travelled in convoy across the Forth Road Bridge. Guests were then treated to special private guided tours of the Bruce family home and its internationally important collection while enjoying the hospitality of …

Broomhall House and the world’s most prominent motoring icon

A visit from a spectacular array of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to Broomhall House has further emphasised the incredible connection between the Bruce family and world motoring history. At the request of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh – as part of The Leven Car Company – Broomhall hosted the full Rolls-Royce model range.

David II and St Monan’s – in the footsteps of King Arthur?

The sword of King Robert the Bruce was paraded at the Sea Queen Festival at St Monans in Fife. Opening the festival, Lord Bruce acknowledged the role of David II – son and successor to King Robert – who consecrated a church at St Monans in 1365. Several years earlier, the childless King David ensured the continuity of the Bruce …

A group of people standing next to a car in front of a country house

Polar Academy award ceremony at Broomhall House

Broomhall House was honoured to have recently hosted Polar Academy’s special awards ceremony where Craig Mathieson, Scotland’s greatest living Polar explorer, presented young Arctic explorers from Fife with the prestigious medal. Polar Academy founder Craig Mathieson said: “These pupils have achieved the extraordinary by pushing themselves physically and mentally to the limit. Their rekindled sense of self-confidence is evident to …